Orchid Greenhouse



Greenhouse engineering structure:

Greenhouse structure utilizes hot dipped zinc plated steel tube. It will not rust under high humid environment for 20 years. The structural steel used includes angle steel, square steel, U shape steel, C shape steel, and other steel plates. And, except stainless steel, all surfaces are treated with rust proof hot dip zinc plating. The one surface is over 350g / m2.


  1. Greenhouse structure steel utilizes high quality structure steel.
  2. All steel structures are treated with hot dip zinc plating rust proof.
  3. All structure steels are formed in one processing. One complete zinc plating.
      There is no need for manual rust proof treatment.
  4. Guaranteed not rust for 10 years. The service life is at least 20 years.
      Good to be used in high humid areas.


Greenhouse classification and specification classifications:

In general, there are arch greenhouse and triangle precision greenhouse. The construction cost for arch greenhouse is relatively low. The roof arch utilizes PEP membrane. Corrugated PC board may also be used. The construction costs for triangle precision greenhouse is relatively high. Roof and vertical surface may use glasses. Corrugated PC board may also be combined in different arrangement. As long as it meets the customers' application requirement.


Spaced every 4m. May be professionally designed based on customer requirement.
9.6m or 6.4m or 11.4m as one unit. May be professionally designed based on customer requirement.
Column height:
3.0m or 3.5m or 4m specifications.
The greenhouse will meet customer current requirement. It may also be custom designed based on customers' budget.

Cover Material Engineering

The covering materials include:

  1. 5mm glass: high light penetration ratio, special gas tight padding, good construction gas tight
       properties, high strength, pretty and durable, easy to maintain and clean.
  2. Corrugate plate: High light penetration. After 15 years services still can maintain 90% and up
       light penetration ratio. Anti UV, no condensation and not breakable properties.
  3. PVC clip mesh canvas: anti UV, dust proof.
  4. PEP membrane: anti UV, dust proof.


After US opened the importing of phalaenopsis with media, we constructed large quantities US importing quarantine greenhouse. The structure of US importing greenhouse shall achieve complete isolation from outside with bug prevention mesh. There are specific standard requirements for ground cleaning and planting bed layout.


Utilizing orchid greenhouse structure and improved to greenhouse that is suitable to vegetable growing. Comparing against common typhoon resistance type greenhouse, this type greenhouse structure is stronger, the greenhouse utilization ratio is higher. The price is moderate. The vegetable greenhouse includes Taiwan made and mainland imported. The current Mainland made vegetable greenhouse has external shading, hot dipped square tube is used as vertical column, arch roof and surrounding PEP membrane. The price for one ping is around 3500 - 4000 NT$/ping (not including ground preparation). The price difference between 3500-4000 is the results of each greenhouse's differences in number of pings. Regardless Taiwan made or mainland made, the vegetable greenhouses are popular among customers. Note: from the picture, it cannot distinguish between Taiwan made and Mainland made. The structure is the same. There are differences in materials.

External Light Shading Mesh Engineering:

Utilizing knitted PAESCB mesh. Utilizing multiple latches through knitting method, resist embrittlement, high-tension force, erosion resistance, tearing resistance, very durable. The row gear mechanical transmission has stable performance, n eat and tight. May be controlled based on light and time settings.
Selection of light shading ratio:
Selection is based on the types of plants.
Black, green, transparent
Good light shading ratio, most suitable uses are sun shading for agriculture, horticulture, livestock husbandry and aquatic products.
Beautiful with cool feeling, most suitable for use in yard building, pergola and public facilities.
High sunshine and good ventilation. May prevent cold wind and frost. Specially for winter crops and water plants and fish insulation. It is far better than common easy broken and no ventilation plastic film.


Motor Reducer:

Horsepower :
1/2 HP,IHP, l.5HP
Frequency :
22OV/3 80V X3

Internal Layer Light Shading Mesh and Internal Insulation Engineering:

Specifications for internal mesh and speed reduction motor:

There are many types of internal mesh selections, black mesh, silver mesh, and energy mesh etc. The selection is based of plant requirement.
Internal insulation:

To increase greenhouse's winter cold weather protection functions, may consider install PEP internal insulation under the internal light shading mesh. There are two types, fixed and moving. The moving internal insulation is driven by electric motor, controlled by light and temperature settings.


Motor Reducer:

l/2HP, 1HP, 1.5HP

Cooling project:

Evaporative cooling of principle, using 54 "row fans and water board with the use of wallpaper.

Fan efficiency

50HZ or 60HZ
138cm X 138cm X45cm

Water Wall Group

180cm(150cm)X60cm Xl0cm(15cm)
pasteboard 180cm(150cm)+ Sink from top to bottom 10cm Aluminum
Pumping motors:
Protection of water wallpaper panels, both insulation effect


Planting Bed Engineering::

(1)The body of planting bed is constructed with hot dipped zinc plated steel material and special anode
   treated aluminum material.
(2)Utilizing roller bench moving system, increases the usable area by 30%∼35%
(3〉Using roller to move the planting bed, easy and effortless operation.



Moving Dish Bed:

Responding to the upgrading of domestic industries, introducing technologies from Holland etc. advanced countries, integrating domestic requirement, under the direction of professor Chen Jia Jiu of Chunghsing University, our company work with cooperation companies (Sanlan Mechanical factory (三能機械廠)) jointly developed a set of mechanical moving dish bed. The main advantageous of the mechanical type moving bed structure is to save large amount of man power and easy to spray water and spray insecticide. At the present time, it is used in Sogo Team CO., LTD's new greenhouse construction.


The film is test site scene:



Heating Engineering:

(1)The greenhouse should be sealed completely so that the internal heat will not be lost and achieve
   basic temperature maintenance functions.
(2)During cold spell, use heater or boiler to carry out mechanical type heating.


Automatic Moving Irrigation System:

There are two methods in the design of plant irrigation:

(1)Drip irrigation: for each plant, insert a small tube, controlled by timer, watering and apply fertilizer at
   fixed time and fixed quantity.
(2)Spray irrigation: utilizing hanging arm self-moving spraying system, cultivate plants with large area,
   irrigation may be completed within a short period of time. Water spray nozzle sprays out water
   droplets. The speed and the number of water spray can be adjusted. And the spray time can be


Control Engineering:

Utilizing IC automatic control system and work with sensors and timer control to adjust fan, internal mesh, side cover, heater and irrigation systems to control the internal environment of the greenhouse to meet crop growth environment requirement and to provide crops with the best growth environment, save management labor and increase operation quality. Utilizing ARGuS computer control system, based on temperature and light settings to control the opening and closing of greenhouse internal and external mesh fans, water wall, side-window systems automatically. The automatic control settings may be separated into natural temperature reduction settings, light settings, and sensitivity settings. The temperature and light are set to control the opening and closing of fan and internal and external mesh. Through sensitivity settings, within 0.5 to 1.5 degree C temperature difference, the operation sets of fans are increased or reduced to minimize the usage of energy to achieve the most effective temperature reduction method.